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Email campaigning is time-consuming and frustrating, yet core to running a healthy modern campaign. Whether you’re just getting started or already running a campaign you likely can’t afford the “BIG” agency rates. Making it worse, most experienced email campaigners are either working for large campaigns or “BIG” agencies.

That’s why we’re launching the Email Accelerator. Our program will bring experienced email campaigns to you, and save you time and money.

When you subscribe for just $49 a month, you get access to:

Tested email welcome series templates.

Campaign launch templates.

Evergreen templates for a variety of uses.

Weekly topical and fundraising email templates.

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We are campaigners

We’ve worked on Presidential, Governor, Senate, House, and State House races. But we’ve also worked on local school board, city council, and mayors races, and we want more down ticket candidates to win.

What we see too often are poorly written emails lacking a clear story or call to action. We care deeply about progressive issues and want to see more good candidates in office. Good email campaigning doesn’t need to be exclusive to the the largest campaigns and you shouldn’t pay “BIG” agencies to just copy and paste your name and talking points into their templates. 

Here’s what you get when you subscribe:

Evergreen & Email Series

A complete email series modeled after high-engaging series used by major campaigns, but written from scratch for Email Accelerator

  • Campaign Launch series
  • Welcome to the list series
  • New series added monthly

Weekly topical emails

Keep your campaign current with issues that are being talked about on a national level. Each week you’ll get updated and varied templates online and in your inbox ready to use.

  • Easy to edit
  • Time saving
  • Fast to send

Weekly fundraising emails

Fundraising is key to successful campaigns. Each week you’ll get fresh fundraising templates online and in your inbox ready to use.

  • Designed to raise $$
  • Topical appeals
  • Easy to edit
  • Plenty of options

End your frustrations and get emails designed by email campaign veterans. 

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