Rates with transparency…


We believe the best relationships start with honesty and transparency. We are designed from the ground up to scale to meet small and large organizations both where they are with contractors available to match skills and projects.

Web Development

Web development hourly rates range from $30 – $200 an hour. What impacts this wide range is the difference between basic front end development that someone entry level can handle to complex architecture of online tools or development. Other impacts include rapid turn around.

Online, social, and email content

Hourly rates range from $25 – $100 an hour. What impacts this wide range is how much experience you need from the writer. Do you need someone who has produced content for a few cycles of End of Year fundraising or someone who can help execute basic content from your guidance. Other impacts include rapid turn around, do they need to be managing accounts, putting together reports etc.


Online, social, and email content strategy

Content strategy hourly rates range from $75 – $200 an hour. The size and scale of your project plus the amount of experience needed or expected have a considerable impact.


Graphic design

Hourly rates range from $30 – $150 an hour. Designing items like social media share graphics, print materials, websites, all take different design skills and experience. The kind of content you need designed plus the amount of experience you need have a big impact. Other impacts include rapid turn-around, and the number of revisions.


Video/ Video production

Hourly rates range from $40 – $200 an hour. Video is a wide ranging speciality with various skill sets from management and producer roles, to filming events, filming direct to camera interviews, creating animations or editing a piece. Doing simple videos with title cards and slides can often cost $300 – $500 per piece when we are able to find someone who can shoot and edit. The more variables you want in individual video project like a short documentary and costs can run from a few thousand dollars to a $40,000 or more budget.  

Branding and brand design

Support for brand design can cross many disciplines including senior project managers, content strategists, designers, and online campaigners. The range can hourly rates will cross a wide spectrum of those disciplines balance with your budget but can range from $50 – $250 and hour depending on what level of seniority you need on the project.  


Digital Advertising

We take a different approach to meet your needs across platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn and that’s more transparency. We offer flat rate management for items like Google grants starting at just $1k a month.

For all other advertising line item billing for design and web development if needed. For ads placement of sigle campaign  under $1,000 there is a straight $150 fee. Ad campaigns over $1,000 it’s a 20% fee for strategic placement, planning, and reporting for your campaign. If you need more strategy you’ll get a direct quote for strategic planning. No mysterious retainers, no large fees that “include services”, just transparent rates.

Project Management

When Action Agents take on a complete project for you the project has a basic 10% management fee. This covers organizational infrastructure expenses inherent in managing multiple person project. Rates for individual project managers range from $30 – $150 an hour depending on size and urgency of project.


Training rates can be anywhere from $150 for a jr level webinar to $2,000 a day or more for an mutli day in person training tailored to your organization.


Data, SEO, and Analytics

Data and analytics can mean a lot of different things. Social media analytics are different from email analytics from site analytics from want to have deep analytically testing. Rates can range from $30 for basic support to $300 for a data scientist who can build tests and complex models.


Senior Strategy

Having a strategist who has a few campaigns to many years in the space can make a huge difference in your success. Depending years of experience and size of project rates can range from $100 – $300 an hour.