Scoping – What is Scoping?

We understand not everyone knows exactly what they need from a project. It’s this lack of knowledge that some agencies and consultants build their business model on. Action Agents build their business model on your project or campaign getting executed. Before you agree to a contract with any agency you might want to scope out your project and budget. That’s exactly how our scoping services work, you work with directly with a strategist to get a project scope based on your goals.

You pay only for the time with the strategist to help scope your project with no commitment to work with Action Agents after scoping. You can take your scoping and look for other agencies or contractors to help you execute it. The value of scoping is you get a straightforward breakdown of some ranges of costs and approaches to your needs. You’ll get a breakdown from an experienced strategist who wants to help you design a budget for you project that fits your needs.

Scoping process step by step

Step #1 Booking an Action Agent for scoping.

Fill out the scoping form below.

Step #2 Initial call, webinar, or meeting.

  • The strategist gets the initial scope of your needs.
  • Talks through solutions and options.
  • The outcome is to understand the goals and align realistic budget. 

Step #3 Follow up .

Depending on complexity of your project the strategist might be able to give you a straightforward proposal with a few ranges. If the project is complex there will likely be follow up via emails and meetings. The agent will confirm that with you before moving forward. 

Step #4 Project scoping delivered.

You get a straight forward project scope delivered as a PDF you can use to plan internally, get requests for proposals from other agencies, or get started with a team of Action Agents!


Scoping costs $85- 300 per hour

No surprises here, based on your preferences we’ll give you a rate quote before you get started. The differences in rates depend on whether or not you need someone who has scoped and developed a few projects, someone who has managed projects for several years or someone who has a managed million to multi-million dollar project budgets.


Request Scoping Support

  • Tell us more about the projects and support you need.